Choosing The Right Lighting

Amongst the common causes of productivity problems at work are compensation, air temperature, relationship problems, and outside stresses. Employers simply tend to overlook the important role of light in the workplace. Lighting greatly affects the performance and productivity of employees so every business owner or manager ought to know how to use lighting to their advantage.

Here are some of the ways lighting affects the productivity, quality of work, mood, and concentration of employees in the workplace:

- Recent studies show that office employees who use the computer prefer better lighting in their work area.

- One of the biggest health problems in the workplace is eye strain caused by poor lighting.

- Studies show that sixty-eight percent of office employees complain about the lighting in their workplace.

There are actually two ways lighting can affect an employee’s productivity and performance. First is directly since lighting affects how well you can see and then indirectly as lighting also affects how well you can pay attention, your mood and behavior, your hormonal balance, as well as your ability to stay alert.

Try to stay outside on a sunny day and notice how you feel. Isn’t it that you feel happy, more peaceful, and energized than on gloomy days? The same thing is true with the right type of lighting. Below are some useful tips for you in choosing the best light source for your office.

1) Avoid lighting with audible ballast like fluorescents as they tend to emit humming sounds when in use, which can be quite distracting in an office environment.

2) Avoid using flickering lights as some people get distracted by the smallest flickering of light whilst others experience migraine. Fluorescents and other lamps may flicker at times, especially when it is close to dying.

3) Seasonal affective disorder seems common during winter months. This may be due to lack of sunlight in a person’s daily encounter. During these times, make sure that the workplace is filled with bright white light so as to avoid feelings of sadness and depression.

4) Be sure to put some additional lighting in certain areas. If, for instance, you find it hard to see your computer screen even with bright overhead lighting, then use a desk lamp or floor lamp near your computer. This will improve your vision as well as your productivity.

5) Make use of some daylight through open windows or skylights if possible. It is going to provide you with physiological and psychological comfort and satisfaction.

When choosing which light to install, be it halogen lamp, fluorescent, or GU10 halogen bulbs, always consider the important role it serves for people in your office and not just for the building itself. With the right lighting, you’ll be able to improve the health, increase the comfort, and boost the productivity of all your employees.